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This weekend we finally had the time to watch the movie The Butler.  We have wanted to watch this since it came out and had not had the time.  If you haven’t seen it, it is worth the watch.  Lots of great history.  We didn’t know how Papaw would like it but he watched the entire thing.  Not to give the movie away, but at one point they show a Klu Klux Klan group and a burning cross.  Papaw say, “My dad used to do that.  He had that tall white hat.  I was so afraid of that.  I never did figure out why he wanted to be apart of that.”

Papaw had never said anything about his father being a part of the KKK.  I think he was ashamed of what his father did.  I have always know that Papaw was taught to hate black people but we have them in our home and he has always been more than respectful to all of them.  I think we all have parts of our past that we are ashamed of and wished had turned out different.  I believe that is what Papaw was saying this weekend.  I’m just glad I have Jesus who has forgiven all of what I am ashamed of in my past.

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Wyatt Earp

This week, Papaw wanted to watch the western channel.  He loves the old reruns on this channel and watches it every day.  I asked if he wanted to watch Wyatt Earp.  He looked me in the eye and burped.  I said, “What is that about Papaw?”  He said, “You said burp.”  I said, “No I said Earp.”  He laughed and said he guessed he didn’t understand.

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He Has New Shoes

Ever since Papaw came to live here he has needed new shoes.  He would not change shoes.  We have bought new shoes and he won’t wear them.  He says his feet hurt.  So we finally took him to a Podiatrist.  When the doctor asked if his feet hurt he said, “No.”  The doctor said, “You need new shoes.”  He felt like he needed prescription shoes.  We took Papaw where we were told and we ordered new shoes.  The shoes finally came in.  It seemed to take to long and Papaw kept complaining about his feet.  He now has his new shoes and he is still complaining about his feet and shoes.

The other day Mom asked him about his feet and shoes.  He said he didn’t like the shoes and his feet hurt.  Mom has had foot problems as long as I can remember.  Recently I learned that Peppermint Oil helps with pain.   I am all in favor of using something other than prescription medicine and since my new company sells Essential Oils I thought we could try this. We have been rubbing Peppermint Oil on her feet and she says it really helps with the pain. So Mom suggested to Papaw that we use Peppermint Oil on his feet.  He agreed so we massaged it in.  He said his feet felt better but his shoes still hurt.  Mom said, “I think it is all in your head.”  Papaw replied, “The problem is my head doesn’t fit in my shoes.”  Their conversation was quite funny but it ended there.  We now rub Peppermint Oil on both their feet every night.  Moms puts some on her feet in the morning.  Mom says she sleeps better since she uses this twice a day.  So, if your feet hurt Mom recommends Peppermint Oil;  just ask her she will tell you all about it.  And if it doesn’t help your feet, at least you smell really good.

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She’s Cold

Last week Mom was at the Doctor and the receptionist commented that we were having great weather.  Mom replied that she didn’t think the weather was so wonderful because she was cold.  A couple weeks ago, she finally let me put up her space heater and now she is wanting it back out.  She has been cold ever since Dad died.  I’m not sure his death had anything to do with it but it is a coincidence.  I’m not planning on getting out the space heater again.  I also don’t think it is cold.  I’m really enjoying the weather.  It is probably safe to say that Papaw is cold also.  I haven’t run the air conditioning for weeks and I’m not sure when Mom will let me turn it back on.  So until then, I’ll be sipping on my iced tea.

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Pig Scramble

Recently, a friend of ours let his young daughter participate in the Pig Scramble.   He was telling about the event and Papaw said he had a pig story.  He told about when he was young and had a BB gun and the neighbor had baby pigs.  He and his brother decided to go shoot the baby pigs with the BB gun.  They laughed it up and had a great time shooting the baby pigs and listening to them squeal.   The neighbor knew who was doing it and told his father.  It wasn’t fun and games anymore when his dad got a hold of him and his brother and they found the wood shed.

By the way, my friends daughter won the Pig Scramble by catching the baby pig.  They got to take the pig home but the pig didn’t do as well as Papaws neighbors pigs.  It is no longer with us.  And as my Dad would say very often, “And fun was had by all.”