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Fall Drive

In years past, we have taken rides with all the grandparents to the Covered Bridge Festival and to Brown County. This year, Papaw doesn’t really want to go anywhere and the weather hasn’t been very good. Lots of rain which is good for us but not good for a fall drive. The first of the week was a beautiful day and Mom and I took a drive. She loved it. We had a nice relaxing time. We didn’t go to any of our usual stomping grounds but we had a great time anyway. I don’t think the leaves will last much longer. I’m so glad we got this in.

Mom has thanked me many times.  Sometimes I feel like I am so busy with Papaw that I just don’t give her the time.  Lately, I have been making a point to do more things with her.  She really does appreciate the time I spend with her and they are times I will never forget and never regret.  Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most.

Fall Drive


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Praying for Patience

A long time ago I said I was never praying for patience again.  I’m not sure that is a spiritual thought.  I really should pray for patience but I think the last time I prayed for that God misunderstood.  He thought I said, “three patients”.  Maybe I just need a good speech therapist.  I think my daughter could help me with this.

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Life is Messy

This week my husband and I went to a conference for sponsors of teenagers.  As the speaker began to talk about working with teenagers, he said, “Life is Messy”.  He talked about getting involved with the teenage generation, spending quality time with them, giving up what you might want to do, learning to live in community, and  living life real.  It made me think that working with teenagers is really not any different than working with the elderly.  Life is just plain Messy no matter what age you work with.

Life is Messy here.  With everyone that lives at this house and comes and goes through it we certainly live in community.  Isn’t that what Jesus taught.  To step out and help one another.  When our daughter was younger I read that it takes a village to raise a child and it certainly did take a village.  It is taking a village to work with the grandparents.  Mostly it is that same village, that same community we used when our daughter was growing up.  How can that be?  It is because we have continued to grow with that village.  Our daughter still contacts those people when she can’t reach us or needs a listening ear.

I’ve learned that working with the grandparents is almost harder than raising a teenager.  Yes you read that right.  They already have friends and family and then they are displaced.  Not everyone thinks we are caring for them correctly.  Everyone has their opinion.  Many agree with the lifestyle we have chosen or should I say been commanded to live. There are also others that disagree with what we are doing.  Some people don’t speak to us now and others have to give their two cents on everything we do.  So yes Life is Messy but do we really want it any other way?

Without the Mess, we wouldn’t learn and grow and develop into who God really wants us to be.  Without the Mess, we wouldn’t experience the parts of life that we had never dreamed we would learn about.  Without the Mess we wouldn’t learn how to really love people that don’t really love us.  Messy Life is what caused the disciples to scatter and spread the gospel further to new parts of the world.  I don’t know that caring for grandparents is spreading the gospel much but it is agreeing to live life at a new level.  A level that stretches us each day.  A level that makes us count our blessing.  We count you as a blessing in our life as you continue to encourage and pray for the day by day living we experience in our Messy Lives.  Thanks for living life with us and encouraging us as we continue on the path we have been called to for as long as we are called .

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Hot Dogs

Today I told Papaw we were having hot dogs for dinner.  He loves hot dogs and he loves them burnt.  This is the story he told:

Hot dogs aren’t good like they were when I was a kid.  I used to go do odd jobs at the tanning factory and we got paid in hot dogs.  They were short and fat and tasted really good. Nothing like hot dogs you get today.  I think they were made of real meat.   I loved those hot dogs.  Then some days, they would need help when they sold the hides.  When they got a hide tanned, they would lay it flat, fold in the legs, and cover it with salt.  The hides were very heavy.  When they sold a hide, they would hire us kids to shake off the salt and roll up the hide and load it .  I loved shaking those hides and rolling them up.  I don’t know why I loved doing that.  I liked the smell and the feel.

I never heard him tell this story before.  He got the biggest grin on his face.  And for supper, he ate two burnt hot dogs.


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The Bee Hive

Last week, Mom and I had the opportunity to have lunch out.  She heard of a new coffee shop/tea room called The Bee Hive.  For any of you that knew my father, you know he raised bees.  When I was a kid, my father planted clover in the backyard.  It actually looked pretty in the spring and summer.  I always went barefoot outside so that meant lots of bee stings on my feet.   After awhile you just learn to deal.  I didn’t know until I got much older that other kids had grass in their backyards.  Dad always told me that bee stings would prevent me from developing arthritis in my feet when I got older.  So far he has been correct.  Sorry, I digressed here.

A think the name of the restaurant was intriguing to my mother and she wanted to try the place out.  So we did.  The shop was very cute.  They had coffees and teas (hot and cold).  They had soup, salads and sandwiches.  They even had a little market with organic fare and to top it all off, you could get frozen yogurt.  We only got soup and sandwiches.  I might add the the shop was very cute, lots of great decor and well thought out.  The food had a bit to be desired but it isn’t always about the food.

The lady that owned the shop started it because her father was also a beekeeper and had recently passed away.  He never got to see her dream become a reality.  I want to make it perfectly clear that my dream is not to start a restaurant!!!  Mom found the story touching and  she loved the lunch out together.  When we were through, I took her for a long drive to check out the turning leaves.  The lunch was not about the food.  It was about the time together.  Too often I feel like the grandpas have taken away time I would love to spend with my mother.  She never seems to care but sometimes I feel that I neglected the quiet, easy person in the household.  She is helpful beyond measure, never complains and just enjoys the time I spend with her.   I pray that the Lord will grant us some very special time together in the near future when we can both enjoy each other.