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Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday would have been Mom and Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary.  I had almost forgotten but of course Mom didn’t.  She had planned ahead almost a year ago.  She and Dad loved to go to Beef and Boards.  It is a local dinner theater.  Last August before Dad passed she had reserved today to go.  She knew a year ago that Dad could not attend with her but rather than sit home sad about her situation she planned ahead.  She took a girlfriend today and they had a great time:  great friends, great food, great entertainment.  What great planning.

Last year us kids threw them a 59th anniversary party.  We knew it was an odd time to plan a party but we did.  We had a great time and Dad was having a great day.  One of the last really good days he had.  We are so glad we celebrated this event with them.  Today was another first without Dad but Mom did well.  I’m glad she has adjust so well and continues to move forward.


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Going To The Doctor

This week Papaw has been pretty sick.  I have learned that it doesn’t take much to get someone with Dementia down so we have to be diligent on his health care.  We had a long night and knew we had to get to the doctor.  Of course, our doctor was not in that day and we had to see the doctor on call.  I am always nervous about that because there is no relationship and will they understand what is happening at our house.  The great news is, she totally understood and was very supportive.

As we walked into the doctors office, there were 2 little girls coming out.  They were very talkative and greeted us.  They told us they had been there to get their shots for school.  They asked why we were there.  I told them that Papaw was sick.  One of the little girls turned to Papaw and said, “Are you here to get your shots for school?”

I love children.  They see no race or age.  As far as they were concerned, Papaw should be in school with them.  He smiled big and told them no.  They moved on and he watched them go.  His day had been touch by 2 little girls that accepted him as is.  No judgement.  No conditions.  Just someone else that belonged in school with them.  Thanks girls.

Papaw is feeling much better now.

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More New Shoes

Change comes hard.  You remember that we got Papaw new shoes.  His feet hurt and we got him new shoes.  He hated them. We couldn’t get him to wear them.  He said they were to heavy and he drug his feet.  He needs shoes just to go outside.  He hated his slippers.

A friend stopped by to visit and his job is fittting prosthesis.  He realized the shoe problem we were having and said he thought he could help.  He did.  He has found us a pair of shoes that are comfortable and light weight.  Papaw took right to the shoes and he loves how light weight they are.  We love knowing that he has shoes that allow him to move about easier.  Sometimes it is the little things.

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The Indiana State Fair

State Fair

The Indiana State Fair ended last Sunday.  For 2 years I have not been able to go to the fair because of our situation here.  I have missed it.  I grew up going to the fair several times each week while it was open.  How?  Dad worked there.  He loved the fair.  As a child, he grew up across the street from the County Fair.  I guess it was in his blood.

He worked the gates during his summer break.  He moved workers, opened and closed gates, and made sure that the ticket takers and sellers were where they were supposed to be.  He lived at the fair when it was open and because he was in management, we could go anytime we wanted.  His job came with a lot of perks.  He could go to shows, get into events that were closed and even got free samples.  As a child, I felt like this was a dream job. I just used my fathers name and got where he would go.  Everyone knew him or at least I thought they did.

Our favorite event was the demolition derby.  It was such great fun to watch those drivers destroy those cars.  I haven’t seen that in years but maybe one day I’ll get to see it again.

After I got married and had kids, my sister and I took our kids.  Our husbands weren’t as excited about the fair as we were.  We took another family and her kids.  We would go during the day and Dad would get us all in.  After dad decided to quit working the fair, we took dad with us.  It was a big date and sometimes we went more than once.

The tradition has continued with my sister now working the fair.  She doesn’t live out there and she doesn’t work the gates but she is carrying on.  Though I haven’t been in a few years I will go back.  The traditional will continue.  It is in the blood.

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Ear Candling

Neither of the grandparents can hear.  Most times I feel like I am yelling.  I learned years ago that the dementia causes hearing loss not because they can’t hear everything but the brain can’t process everything.  With Mom, I think it is inherited.  Her sister couldn’t hear and had hearing aids.  Mom doesn’t think her hearing is that bad.

Years ago, before life with Grandparents, I learned about Ear Candling.  I don’t know if you have heard of it but these are special “candles”.  They are hollow in the middle and can only be purchased at health food stores or the internet.  Everything can be purchased on the internet.  You place the “candle” in a person’s ear and light it.  My family doctor didn’t think it was a good idea when I asked him.  On many levels I would probably agree that putting wax coated paper in your ear and lighting it would probably be a bad idea.  When I first learned of these, I had a blocked Eustachian tube and the doctor wanted to operate.  I wasn’t ready to sign up and thought I would try this.  It worked.  No surgery.

So the other day when my nephew was here and had swimmers ear I offered to ear candle him.  He wasn’t sure he was ready to sign up but his ear hurt and he decided to give it a go.  I had done this for Mom and Dad several times but have been a little busy and hadn’t done it for awhile.  Mom watched and said, “I think if you do that for me it would improve my hearing.”  Papaw said, “Your not doing that to me it will suck the few brains I have left out.”  So I did my nephew and my mother.  When I was done, my nephew said his ear felt better.  Mom said she could hear again.  The next night we watched a movie and she needed to have the sound up to 100 to hear it.  I don’t really think it worked but don’t tell her.  Oh never mind, she won’t hear you anyway.