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Beauty and the Beast

Last night, we went to see a live production of Beauty and the Beast. They did an amazing job.  When our daughter was young, she loved this movie.  She wanted to watch it over and over again.  It was good but I really didn’t pay super close attention to it.  For anyone that doesn’t know the story, the young girl Belle is pursued by a handsome young man but she is destined to spend the rest of her life with The Beast.  I won’t give away the ending in case you want to see the move.

I realized as I watched this last night why our daughter loved it so much.  It was an affirmation of what we started teaching her when she was very young.  She had to look at someone’s heart not their personal looks.  Scripture tells us in I Samuel 16:7 “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him.  The Lord does not look at the things man looks at.  Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Having the parents live with us, I have been able to see their hearts on a daily basis.  I knew my parents hearts because I grew up with them.  I didn’t know Papaws heart when he came to us but I got to see it over the last 3 1/2 years.  He had a very tender heart, a searching heart and a giving heart.  He was very responsive to learning more about the Lord and I saw him grow in his faith.  We were blessed to have the parents we had.  These men were great examples of what our hearts should be like.  2015-02-20 18.26.03

Mom has that same wonderful heart.  She enjoyed the production with us and we got a great laugh when she came out in her tennis shoes and mink coat.  I guess you have to turn 85 to pull that look off but she did it well.  It reminded me even more that it wasn’t about what she looked like on the outside it was all about her heart.  Her heart shined through last night just like it always does.

Love you Mom!!


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Precious Photographs

Many of you know that I love photos.  In fact, I have made it my career.  I would have never dreamed that I could turn photographs into a career when I was a little girl but I have.  I want people to preserve those precious photo graphs.  When Dad died, it was easy to get his slide show completed because his photos were already organized.  The same is true with Papaws photos.  Before they passed, I took the Papaws with me to the library to scan stacks of photos.  I then burnt CD’s but I have never looked at that CD and I probably never will.  I want to touch the photos.  I love opening a box or an albums and pouring over the photos and the stories.  Many of the stories are lost but I spent lots of time with the Papaws writing down their stories.  Many of their stories I have shared right here on this blog.

What I want to share here is print those photos!  One day that CD or floppy drive or external or whatever comes next will not be able to be seen.  That cloud that stores all our photos will one day rain and your photos will be lost.  This generation is the most photographed generation in history and without printing all those photos, that generation will be lost to photos.

So print the photos and pass them around.  Tuck them into albums, drawers, wallets, and wherever else you can think to tuck them and then one day these precious moments will be found and passed around.  Stories will be told and memories will be shared that might never be shared in any other way.

Please read the link to the following blog.  This author says it much better than I ever could.  As for me, I’m back to printing and organizing my photos for a slide show at a memorial service in the future.


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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Papaw hated the cold.  Every time it snowed or was really cold we made sure he not only was dressed extra warm but we would close all the drapes.  He seemed to always figure it out and stroll into the kitchen to see what was going on.  He would then remind us he hated snow.

Well, I love snow but I can’t help but think about Papaw every time it snows.  We had lots of blowing today and right now the wind chill is -19 degrees.  Even for a cold and snow lover like me it is cold outside.  I’m glad Papaw isn’t here to be upset.  I never wanted him upset.  Even Dad at the end wondered how we would make it once it got cold and Dad loved the snow.  Mom no longer has a thermostat in her body so she has been really cold tonight.  I have had her space heater cranked up and we bought heated mattress pads for all the grandparents as soon as they moved in.  They never had to crawl into a cold bed.

I supposed I will always think of the grandpas when it gets cold.  They just became so much a part of our lives and thought process.  I guess that isn’t bad.  We remember them often with fondness as we continue to learn how to do life again.


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Planning A Vacation

Today we began the process of planning a vacation.  A real vacation.  A much needed vacation.  We have talked about this since the first of the year.  We planned to go in February but decided it was to soon.  I do not know why it is so hard to even think about the planning and the going.  We don’t have to get Papaw sitters.  We don’t have to cook ahead for the entire time we are gone.  It is like when we left our daughter for the first time.  We are free to go so why is it so difficult?  Mom does fine by herself and is encouraging us to go.

I guess we have begun the empty nest phase for the first time.  We have lost the younger generation, our daughter, and the older generation, our fathers.  Now what do we do with ourselves.  We used to laugh that we would be the ones that held tickets to a vacation the day our daughter left for college.  I guess that is harder than we ever imagined.

We are taking baby steps into a whole new life.  We have time to fill, places to go and people to see but it is difficult.  We will continue to proceed slowly into this new phase.  But for now, our next step will be a vacation.  The tickets are purchased, the hotel reserved and the process has begun.

More baby steps will follow but for now the send button was hit on the first step of our new beginning.


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We received a call this week from my husband’s brother.  He was in Ohio and would we come and visit.  Yes.  Of course.  Why on such last minute notice?  Because we can.

We are just now realizing that we have some freedom to travel.  We have been gone twice this week for overnight’s and we are going again next week.  It seems odd to just pick up and go.  Sometimes we take Mom and sometimes we don’t.  She does well by herself and we leave meals so she doesn’t have to cook or eat out alone.

To be honest, we are having a tough time adjusting.  It is the first time in my life that I’m not in a hurry and pressured to get something done.  I can pick up on a moments notice and travel.  I don’t have to hurry home.  We are living the quiet in between time of our life.  How long will this last?  Only God knows.

I sit here thinking of the scripture from Ecclesiasties, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  (Ecc. 3: 1)  I guess this is my time. I believe it is just for a season.  God is preparing me for something else.  Who knows what that will be and I don’t even want to guess.  I will just leave that in God’s hands.  I must enjoy the season and be ready to move on when called.  It hasn’t been an easy season.  Lots of adjustments.  Lots of quiet.  Lots of change.  Why is it that change comes so hard?  It was hard when the Grandpas came.  Now it is hard since they have gone.  Change once again that will be turned into another season in which I will be used by God.  So for now, I must be prepared for the change that will happen again in His time.